Public Advisory Council was created by the order of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues N01-03 /4, December 5, 2014.
Its task is to improve relations with diaspora organizations and communities with Georgia and facilitate preparation of proposals and recommendations.
The competence of the Council is to prepare proposals and recommendations to State Minister on the current issues in education, science, culture, economy and investment, sports, youth and other fields of Georgian Diaspora activities.
Public Advisory Board shall be approved by the State Minister for a period of 3 years.

Public Advisory Council members are:

 Paata Natsvlishvili – Professor, Director of the Research Institute of Georgian Emigration History and Ethnography, Grigol Robakidze University.

Rusudan Daushvili – Professor, researcher of Historic Diaspora, Tbilisi State University.
Tariel Putkaradze – Professor, Head of the Kartvelology Center, St. Andrew the First called Georgian University.
Rusudan Kobakhidze – Georgian emigration museum curator, researcher of emigration history, Tbilisi State University, Emigrants World League board member.
Manana Shekiladze – Historian, teacher, president at NGO “Education and New Technologies’.
Guram Svanidze – Sociologist, Ph.D., analyst, expert on nation minority issues.
Paata Gachechiladze – NGO “XXI Century”, State – Church relations program manager.
Koba Kikabidze – Researcher, Strategic Initiatives Agency, project manager.
Nukri Kakubava – Chairman, Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee, Georgian Youth Parliament.
Nana Lomidze – Author, Radio program “Migration Routes” at Public broadcaster.
Nino Tskhoidze – Deputy Chairman, International Foundation “Diaspora Center in Georgia”.
Temur Chalabashvili – Poet, public figure.
David Maghradze – Poet, public figure.
Jemal Sepiashvili – Composer, public figure.
Giorgi Svanidze – President, Diaspora Investments Support Association.
Mamuka Gongadze – Architect, artist, heraldic. Co-author of the national flag and national emblem of Georgia, author of various municipal and territorial attributes, Georgian Gel. /lari/ 1 and 2 coins and other state and public organizations symbols.